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Courses from Beginner to ProChoose a course


Resort Dive - Try Diving

Come and try diving with us! Read More

Open Water Diver

Get your first worldwide recognized diving certification! Read More

Advanced Adventurer

Extend your diving knowledge as well as your capabilities. Read More

Stress & Rescue

Learn how to help yourself and others in emergency situations. Read More

Go Pro

Take diving to a professional level. Read More
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  • Barracudas on Chumpon Pinnacle

    Chumphon is very rich in marine life, the pinnacle itself is covered in anemones and all the creatures that live in them. It is also a great spot for bigger schools and bigger fish, such as chevron barracuda, pickhandle barracuda, meckerel, rainbow fish, trevally…
  • Koh Tao - Turtle Island

    Koh Tao is a tropical island located in the Gulf of Thailand. Its 21 km² receive over 100.000 visitors per year, mostly divers. There are barely any ocean currents and the sea is not too deep, which makes Koh Tao an ideal place to learn how to dive. At the same time, it has beautiful dive sites that will make any diver of any level fall in love with the beauty of this paradise. If you are lucky… you might even have an encounter with the biggest fish in the world – the whale shark!
  • Come and meet Nemo

    Nemo is one of the fish that everyone recognizes thanks to the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”. He is a very cool little anemone fish who is very territorial and who also changes sex during his lifetime. Nemo is definitely a very interesting creature, learn more about him when you visit us!
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About Chic Diving Center

Diving Pool

Chic Diving opened its doors in 2015 and it is located on the stunning island of Koh Tao, Thailand. As you might already know if you are willing to come over, Koh Tao is considered one of the best places in the world to go diving (among other activities) and we are proud to say we totally agree!

In our SSI dive center you can find something for everyone - further education and fun dives for certified divers, beginner courses if you want to get certified, try dives just for the fantastic experience of seeing corals and fish underwater, dry courses for those who want to keep getting specialized and plenty more.

Our focus and priority is always to give you a top high class customer service, so everything we do is about you and revolves around your likes and needs. The schedules are very flexible and we are very easy going so we always do our best to accommodate everything to your preferences. The number of students in the courses and fun dive groups is very limited so we can make sure to give everyone the personalized attention that is needed and also a proper and safe diving experience without ever forgetting to have tons of fun!

Having said that, we truly believe that this wonderful experience should not be limited by your budget as we want everyone to be able to enjoy it. We offer a wide range of courses at very affordable prices with the option of adding extras, so every customer can make his/her own personalized course or fun dives spending whatever suits them best.

The dive shop is located at The Tarna Align Resort which will give everyone the opportunity of learning and diving in 5 star facilities, including our wonderful swimming pool which has three levels and a maximum depth of 3.5 meters!

If you want to stay at The Tarna Align resort, you will be happy to hear that you will get some extra discount on the rooms because you are diving with us. On the other hand, if you do not want to stay in house, we have other options to offer you or we can always help you find a place around the island that suits you. Our taxi service is the key for customers that do not want to stay in the resort but would still like to dive at Chic Diving, as we offer free taxis to and from anywhere on Koh Tao at any time of the day.
Take a look around our website and do not doubt to drop us an email if you have questions about anything. We are looking forward to diving with you!

Come and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of high class diving at very reasonable prices!!

The Graffitti Boat

We have the biggest, most awesome and absolutely BEST boat on Koh Tao!

Boat 1     Boat 2

Boat 3     Boat 4

Course Packages

  • image Book both courses and get a 10% off of the Advanced course!

    Open Water + Advanced Adventurer

  • image If you book this triplet which will take you into the realms of professional diving, we will discount 1000B from the First Aid course and 10% off of the Rescue course. What a deal!

    Rescue + First Aid + Divemaster

  • image Book your Open Water course and the first 2 Fun dives you will ever do and you get a slight discount on the Fun dives!

    Open Water + 2 extra dives

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Scuba Review

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Fun Diving

Fun Diving

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Dive Sites

Dive Sites

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