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Advanced AdventurerExtend your Diving Knowledge

Want to Dive Deeper, Darker or Perfect a Skill? Go Advanced!Advanced Adventurer Diving

If you're Open Water certified and want to extend your diving knowledge and capabilities, then you can do your SSI Advanced Adventurer diving course. 

Over 2 days you do 5 dives over 5 SSI speciality programs, and that's it, no exam, no homework, just briefings from your instructor regarding the type of dive you are doing. 

In this course you also get to dive deeper and go to 30 metres. The deep dive is the oinly mandatory dive, the other 4, you choose! 

Some of the speciality dives you can choose from are: Night, Wreck, Buoyancy, Computer, Navigation, Search & Recovery, Nitrox & Fish ID. 

Again lunch is included in the course and if you do you're Open Water with Chic, you get 10% off if you continue to Advanced Adventurer.

This is the perfect way to advance and identify which Specialty programs may interest you for the future.

Info: Maximum 1 instructor per 4 students. Maximum depth is 30 meters. Minimum age is 12. Must have an Oper Water certification

 Total Price:  8,900 THB

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